Tips to Deal With Your BMW’s PCV Valve Failure From the Experts in Bellingham

Posted on October 31, 2019 by Carson Wileman

The BMW exceeds the standard of luxury vehicles inside and out. When you purchase a BMW you know that it will be beautiful, sleek, and powerful on the outside as well as on the inside. Even though you have taken amazing care of your BMW, it does still require routine maintenance in order to prevent parts from becoming faulty. One part that will have a great impact on your BMW’s driving ability is the PCV valve. Below you will find out more information on what the PCV valve is, what signs to look for that it has failed, and what to do next if you suspect it is having trouble.

What is the PCV valve?

The PCV valve, or the positive crankcase ventilation valve, is the part of your BMW that is in charge of releasing the unburned fuel, unburned oil, and exhaust from the engine block into the intake manifold as opposed to the atmosphere. In your BMW, the engine will allow for some of the exhaust gases, fuel, and oil to bypass the pistons so it does not get used. Once this happens, there is the potential for buildup of this material in the intake manifold. So the purpose of the PCV valve is to prevent this buildup of materials that could eventually turn into performance-reducing sludge.

The PCV valve does this by maintaining the proper amount of vacuum in the crankcase to ensure that these particles that are blown by the engine are extracted, along with any damaging moisture that could be left in the intake manifold. The PCV valve also helps to keep the oil in the engine clean and prevents pressure in the crankshaft due to buildup from the materials that are blown by the pistons.

Ways to Identify PCV Valve Failure

If there is an issue with your BMW’s PCV valve or it is beginning to fail, there are a couple of different ways that your vehicle will indicate this to you. The first way is going to be the check engine light. If there is a mixture that is too lean or too rich in the engine that is caused by the PCV valve, then this will be detected by the powertrain control module (PCM). When the failure has been identified, it will send a signal to your BMW that will, in turn, illuminate the check engine light.

The second indication of a PCV valve failure in your BMW is going to be difficulty starting or a rough idle. This will occur when the plunger of the PCV valve gets stuck in the open position so the PCV valve can no longer control the air that is being released. This will cause the engine of your BMW to receive an air-fuel mixture that is too lean because there is more air in the mixture than necessary. In order for your BMW to achieve optimal function, the air-fuel mixture needs to be correct or else your vehicle will begin to experience a rough start or a rough idle.

In addition to the possibility of the PCV valve getting stuck in the open position, the PCV valve could get clogged or stuck in the closed position. When this happens, your BMW is not getting the correct amount of air in the air-fuel mixture. This is called “running rich” because there is too much fuel and not enough air. When this occurs, your BMW will create increased emissions and will also increase the amount of fuel that is used because the engine is trying to compensate for the lack of air.

Have Your BMW Serviced

Once you have noticed any of the above-mentioned indications that point to a PCV valve failure, it is time to get your BMW serviced. BMW PCV Valve Check The best course of action is to bring your BMW in to a trusted mechanic.

Conveniently located in Bellingham, WA, Keith Cox Autobahn is the place to bring your BMW. What first started out as a car sales location, we are now focused on the maintenance and repairs or all German automobiles. When you bring in your BMW, one of our highly trained and certified technicians will do a complete and through diagnostic using the most up-to-date tools. Once the report comes back as to the issue with your BMW, we like to keep you in the driver’s seat by ensuring that you have all the information you need to make a decision about what the next steps should be. We will present you with options on how to proceed that will fit your budget.

Our goal is to have you and your BMW leaving satisfied. Call or stop by today to get started!

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