The License Plate Story

The License Plate Story

We receive comments nearly everyday about how many of our bright yellow license plate frames people see while driving around Whatcom and Skagit counties. These stories are always fun to hear, but did you know that behind each license plate frame is a $10 donation to one of four outstanding, local non-profits?

Just tell us you’d like a set of frames installed on your car and we’ll send $10 in your name to one of the three following organizations:

  • The Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center
  • The Whatcom Dream
  • The Lighthouse Mission Ministries
  • The Bellingham Food Bank

These non-profits are good stewards of their limited resources, making a difference in our community everyday. We invite our family of clients to participate in supporting their missions. You can learn more about the great work they do by clicking the links to their websites, above.

What’s Your Story?

A customer once told us about their experience traveling through Phoenix. While enjoying lunch on a restaurant patio, a Volkswagen Passat pulled up and parked beside their car. Imagine their surprise to see the Keith Cox Autobahn frames on the car that had just arrived! The two parties had a fun time exchanging Keith Cox Autobahn stories and connecting nearly 1,500 miles from their homes in Bellingham.

So what’s your story? We invite you to share your Keith Cox Autobahn license plate frame story on our Facebook page. And, don’t forget to wave when you see another car with Keith Cox Autobahn plate frames proudly displayed. Become a member of our family and do something good at the same time.

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