Resolving BMW Adaptive Headlight Malfunctions in Bellingham

Posted on April 20, 2024 by Carson Wileman
BMW Adaptive Headlight

Each car that rolls out of the BMW factory is an engineering marvel. After all, they are packed with groundbreaking technologies and features. Today’s blog post is about one such feature- adaptive headlights. As you read you will get to know about some interesting facts about this feature. Plus, you will learn about the reasons why your BMW’s adaptive headlights might cease functioning and things that you can do to diagnose and resolve the issue quickly.

A Brief Note On BMW Adaptive Headlights

Adaptive headlights your BMW is equipped with can dynamically adjust themselves in response to changing driving situations. They achieve that objective by regulating direction and intensity of the beams emitted by headlights. There are all sorts of sensors, electronics, and motorized actuators involved in making such a challenging task as simple as possible. There is even a control module to supervise different aspects of adaptive headlight operations.

It wouldn’t be wrong to portray adaptive headlights of a BMW as a self-conscious being that adjusts beam pattern in accordance with changing driving conditions to provide maximum visibility for a better driving experience. As with any other electrically operated parts, adaptive headlights in BMWs can malfunction as they age.

Symptoms To Look For

If it occurs to you that there is something off with your BMW’s adaptive headlights, look for the following signs before jumping to a conclusion.

#1- “Adaptive headlight malfunction” warning on the dashboard.

#2- Headlights behaving in a very erratic way and swiveling inconsistently.

#3- Headlights are not adjusting themselves around curves.

#4- They are flickering as if there is something off with their power source- the battery.

Common Causes Of Failure

Faulty sensor

Steering angle sensor, wheel speed sensor, yaw rate sensor, frontal camera, and light sensor are among the sensors that your BMW’s adaptive headlights rely on to provide you with optimal visibility in different driving conditions. In the event that one of these sensors malfunctions, your vehicle’s adaptive headlights will operate erratically and may even cease functioning.

Electronic glitch

In addition to a bunch of sensors, the adaptive headlight system of your BMW relies on a network of electric components including a control module. A glitch in one of these components can disrupt the system’s functioning; prompting the headlights to act up. From circuit damage to software glitches; there are all sorts of different issues that can contribute to electronic faults in your BMW’s adaptive headlight system.

Power supply problem

Be it the control module or steering angle sensor, almost all parts of your BMW’s adaptive headlight system require electricity to function. If electric power delivery to the headlights get disrupted because of a weak battery, defective alternator, or a bad connector, functionality of the adaptive headlight system will get impacted.

Environmental factor

Intrusion of moisture, road debris, and other elements into headlight assembly of your BMW can compromise the system’s integrity. Moisture accumulation inside the assembly because of a worn seal can contribute to electric short circuit and corrosion among a range of other issues. Extreme environmental temperature can also take a toll on your vehicle’s adaptive headlight mechanism.

Tips To Resolve The Issue

Step #1- Check for fault codes

Whenever the onboard diagnostic system senses an anomaly it stores an error code in its fault memory. If your BMW’s headlights are flickering or not working the way they should, the very first thing that you should do is to check for error codes stored in the fault memory. Retrieve the error code with the help of a OBD-II scanner and set the course of action accordingly.

Step #2- Check key components

Carefully inspect your BMW’s headlight assembly for signs of wear and tear. Inspect the sensors, control module, and other key components involved in aiding the adaptive headlight to perform its intended function. Check for frayed wires, blown fuses, and defective connectors.

Step #3- Software update

Not updating the vehicle’s software in a timely manner can contribute to all sorts of performance-related issues in a vehicle including headlight failure. If your vehicle is acting in a strange way and its adaptive headlights are not functioning properly, check if it is due for a software update. Updating the software could fix the glitch.

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