Symptoms of a Faulty Camshaft Tensioner in Your Audi

Posted on October 14, 2019 by Carson Wileman
Audi Engine Stall

Audi vehicles are designed to be eye-catching with high-performance while driving. With that exceptional engine performance comes the need for proper maintenance and even repairs, should parts break or become in need of service. It is the driver’s duty to acknowledge when to take their car to the shop to keep their Audi running smoothly.

When the camshaft tensioner malfunctions and begins to fail, it will affect the entire performance of an Audi. Let’s discuss what happens when the tensioner begins to fail, the warning signs that it may be in jeopardy, and what Audi owners can do to resolve the issue.

What does a camshaft tensioner do?

Before we can move on to talking about what happens when your camshaft tensioner is faulty, let’s discuss what it is and what it does. A camshaft tensioner is what holds the timing chain in your car appropriately taut. As long as the tensioner does its job, the timing chain stays securely in place and your Audi runs properly.

Warning Signs of a Faulty Camshaft Tensioner

If the camshaft tensioner in your Audi malfunctions, you may notice some of these things happening to your vehicle:

  • The check engine light may come on. There are multiple reasons for a check engine light A camshaft tensioner problem is just one of the many possibilities. However, if your check engine light is lit, it is best to take it to a shop to run diagnostics.
  • The engine may stall or run rough. The engine may shut off completely and without warning. When this happens, you have to restart the car completely, which can be dangerous if you are already moving on the road at the time of the incident.
  • There may be a noise coming from the front of the engine of the vehicle as you change speeds. This will sound like a rumble. It may be louder than the regular background noises that occur while you are driving. Since you know your Audi, this noise will be unusual for your normal drive.

What Happens When a Camshaft Tensioner Fails

If the problem is allowed to persist, and the camshaft tensioner fails altogether, this may lead to is total engine failure. Over time, the faulty tensioner will cause the car’s engine to be destroyed. When this happens, you simply can’t drive until you have the engine rebuilt or replaced. This is extremely costly, particularly when replacing the tensioner could’ve been done easily and at a much lower cost to the Audi owner.

What You Can Do

If you have any of the signs of a faulty camshaft tensioner, it’s time to call a professional automotive technician. While it is technically possible to replace the part yourself at home, it would be a far wiser choice to seek a qualified professional mechanic to do the job properly.

After you get the camshaft tensioner replaced and your Audi repaired due to any ensuing damage, you can take measures in the future to possibly prevent it from happening again for a long while. Make preventative maintenance and routine inspections part of your Audi care plan. The trained eye of this technician will be able to spot any issues and repair them before they become a major problem. This will save you time and money and keep you safely on the road.

Audi Camshaft Tensioner Issue Check

Where to Go for Repairs and Maintenance

Don’t entrust your Audi to just any mechanic in the area. While many may be skilled, not all shops are trained in European imports like your Audi. Audis are intricate machines that require careful attention and trained experts. That is why you should bring your vehicle to Keith Cox Autobahn in Bellingham, WA. Our trained technicians will inspect, diagnose, and repair your Audi components correctly the first time. We have been servicing luxury cars like yours for over 10 years, more than can be said for some of the competition. Please call us today or stop by for a consultation. We are available to you to service your Audi for routine maintenance or to diagnose an acute problem and get you back on the road safely at an affordable price.

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