Signs of Cooling Fan Issues in a Volkswagen

Posted on December 30, 2020 by Carson Wileman
Volkswagen Engine Overheating

If you drive a Volkswagen, you know you are driving one of the most iconic car brands in American history. Complete with style and comfort, you expect your Volkswagen to be both safe and reliable. However, if your Volkswagen’s cooling fan is not working properly, it could begin to cause issues for your entire car.

Since your cooling system is one of the most important systems in your Volkswagen, it is very important to repair any cooling fan issues right away. By taking your car to be inspected by Keith Cox Autobahn in Bellingham, Washington, you are ensuring that any cooling fan issues you have will be replaced quickly and efficiently.

The Purpose of Your Volkswagen’s Cooling Fan

The main purpose of your car’s cooling fan is to encourage cool air to come through your car’s radiator. A cooling fan is an important part of your car’s make up because it is supposed to be positioned between the radiator and engine.

When working properly, a cooling fan is meant to cool the air which then cools the engine, keeping it from overheating. This is particularly helpful when your car is moving at slow speeds that do not necessarily obtain the same amount of air through the car grille as when driving at faster speeds.

If your cooling fan is not working properly, your car is likely to overheat and eventually break down. Overheated engines could require a total rebuild, which is both costly and time consuming.

The Signs of a Malfunctioning Cooling Fan System

A malfunctioning cooling fan can be a small problem that leads to future vehicle catastrophes. Catching a malfunctioning cooling fan problem early will help you repair it before your car suffers any significant damage. Some of the major signs of malfunctioning cooling fan system include:

Your fan isn’t spinning

If you notice that the cooling fan in your car is not spinning even when the engine is on, it means that you might have a broken fan blade. To find your fan, open your hood and take a look while someone starts your engine for you.

Your engine is burning or overheating

A good way to know that your cooling fan is not working is if you smell a burning smell coming from the hood of the car. This means your engine is overheating and not getting cooled like it should. Another way to see that your car is overheating is by looking at the engine thermometer reading on your dashboard.

Your fan is spinning too much, even when parked

If you notice that your fan continues to spin even when your car is off, this means that your fan is not working properly and needs to be calibrated. The professionals at Keith Cox Autobahn in Bellingham, Washington can help you calibrate and repair your old cooling fan.

How to Avoid Cooling Fan Issues in a Volkswagen

Keith Cox Autobahn in Bellingham, Washington knows how important it is that your cooling fan remains operational. We also understand that the best way to avoid cooling fan issues in your Volkswagen is to be proactive about doing routine inspections. These inspections, along with knowledge about your vehicle’s braking system, can ensure that you spot the issue as soon as it presents.

The best way to avoid cooling fan issues in a Volkswagen is to:

  • check your coolant levels often
  • look out for a high dashboard temperature reading
  • replace your fan blade
  • check your antifreeze levels
  • change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles
  • take your car to a specialist for routine inspections
  • replace your coolant hose when it gets old

Volkswagen Cooling Fan Inspection

Keith Cox Autobahn Can Help

Keith Cox Autobahn has been committed to providing care and quality service for Bellingham Washington and its surrounding areas since the very beginning. As a trusted source for all Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Volkswagen, and other German car repairs, we offer upwards of eight superior services for you and your vehicle.

If you notice that your car isn’t running smoothly or that the cooling fan in your Volkswagen is not properly working, you can bring your vehicle to Keith Cox Autobahn knowing that we have your best interest in mind. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.

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