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Posted on September 10, 2019 by Carson Wileman
Mercedes Airmatic Suspension

The Mercedes brand of vehicles has long been regarded as the standard in luxury imports. To own a Mercedes means that you own a vehicle that combines comfort and performance in a way that no other brand has quite been able to replicate. Mercedes-Benz is frequently on the forefront of developing and implementing the most cutting-edge technology in their automobiles.

One nifty piece of technology that they have begun to put in their automobiles is the AIRMATIC suspension. This type of suspension is undoubtedly an improvement over the standard type of suspension found in most other automobiles. The adjustable nature of the AIRMATIC suspension provides a much smoother ride and will usually last for the whole lifespan of your car.

Let’s take a look at what makes the AIRMATIC suspension different from your standard suspension and discuss why is it adjustable.

What is an AIRMATIC suspension and how is it different from others?

Suspensions are vital to the proper operation of any automobile. They absorb all of the shock the road can dish out, ensuring that the tires remain properly grounded. It also prevents the rest of the automobile from moving too much while in motion. You will know if you are riding in an automobile with a bad suspension system, as the contents, and possibly occupants, of the car will be shifting and bumping right along with the tires of the automobile.

Typical suspension in other brands utilize steel springs in order to absorb the shock. The Mercedes AIRMATIC suspension uses adjustable air springs that adapt to the current driving situation instantaneously. The springs are inflated or deflated based on their movement, which keeps the automobile steady in bumpy conditions. The AIRMATIC suspension also has the ability to adjust itself based on the number of passengers or amount of cargo that is loaded into the vehicle.

Potential Failures of the AIRMATIC Suspension System

Despite the cutting-edge technology that goes into crafting the AIRMATIC suspension system, it does have its fair share of potential faults. The struts and air springs that assist in the suspension are prone to failure. When this happens, you may notice that the corner of the vehicle where the failed part is located is sagging a bit. An uneven suspension can create havoc when the car is in motion, and can lead to a crash. If left untreated, a broken suspension strut can lead to a burned-out motor.

Another breakable part of the suspension is the air compressor. If a strut in the suspension system is broken, it can force the compressor to run continuously in order to compensate for the leak opened by the broken strut. This will overload the compressor and lead to it burning out prematurely.

General wear and tear over time can also lead to a burned out air compressor, and the seals located in the compressor can also weather with age. Generally speaking, these problems will trigger the corresponding dashboard warning lights. If you see one of these lights come on, you should take it to a responsible repair shop that specializes in repairing Mercedes automobiles.

Where to go to fix AIRMATIC components

It is possible to look for the correct part that you need for your Mercedes AIRMATIC suspension and install it yourself. However, most Mercedes Airmatic Suspension Issue Check of us who are not mechanically inclined may not want to take a risk tinkering around with an expensive European import. That is why the locals residing in Bellingham, WA can take their Mercedes-Benz to Keith Cox Autobahn.

Keith Cox Autobahn specializes in many different types of European imports, so you can be assured that our mechanics are well-trained and experienced. We have repaired many AIRMATIC suspension systems and do so with dealership quality. We also believe in excellent communication with our customers, walking you through every step of the way so you are not left in the dark as to the status of your Mercedes.

If you have a problem with your AIRMATIC suspension system or just want to stop by and ask a few questions, feel free to stop in and see our friendly technicians at Keith Cox Autobahn.

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