How to Solve BMW Fuel Pump Problems in Bellingham

Posted on January 7, 2020 by Carson Wileman
BMW Fuel Pump

BMW’s are known for their high standards of quality and performance. The manufacturer takes pride in creating the best of German automotive engineering. No car is perfect, though. Sometimes, even with regular maintenance by a qualified BMW technician, things can go wrong with essential components. You may run into problems with the fuel pump after putting some mileage on your car. Fuel pump problems can lead to a number of issues with your vehicle’s performance, or even make it fail to start at all. In this article, we will discuss the results of fuel pump problems and what you can do to solve them.

The Fuel Pump’s Purpose

The fuel pump in any vehicle is responsible for transferring gas from the tank reservoir to the engine for combustion. It ensures that the proper amount of fuel makes it to the combustion chamber when you start the car, and it keeps the gas flowing into the engine while it runs. It sends more gas when you step on the pedal, and less when you let off to slow down. The assembly of the fuel pump involves a number of components, all of which can wear out over time. If the seals on hoses or pipes wear out, then fuel can leak and cause a failure in the pump. However, sometimes the smaller parts in the pump itself can go bad. Be sure to look out for the common signs and symptoms of fuel pump failure in your BMW.

Signs and Symptoms of Fuel Pump Failure

There are a number of things you might notice if your BMW’s fuel pump is failing:

High Engine Temperature

If your fuel pump is failing, that means your engine will not be getting the proper amount or the right balance of fuel. When this happens, your engine will tend to overheat. You will notice the temperature gauge on your dashboard reading high heat. This not only affects the car’s performance, but it could cause damage to internal components as well. Any time this occurs, you should bring your BMW to a qualified technician.

Stalling at High Temperatures

Along with high temperatures can come stalling. Since the engine isn’t getting the right amount of fuel at these temperatures, it could stall while you are driving or at a red light.

Decrease in Gas Mileage

The great gas mileage that your BMW normally gets is dependent on all of the relative functions happening properly, and that includes the right amount of fuel getting to the engine. If it seems like you are filling up a lot more than usual, you probably have a fuel pump problem.

Engine Sputtering

A common symptom of fuel pump issues is sputtering, especially at high speeds. This feels like the car is “coughing” while you roll down the road, and it happens because of a lapse in fuel getting to the combustion chamber.


You could be driving at a consistent speed and then, all of a sudden, the car speeds up as if you had stepped on the gas pedal. This happens because of an irregularity in the fuel pump function.

Noisy Pump

A properly functioning fuel pump makes a quiet humming sound, but if you noticing noisy whirring or whining, then it’s time to have it serviced.

Lower Engine Power

If you have a fuel pump issue, you’ll likely notice that your BMW doesn’t have the same amount of power when accelerating. This will be especially pronounced when carrying a load in the car.

Problems Starting

If the fuel pump fails completely, fuel won’t get to the engine and your car won’t start. You’ll notice that the engine will crank, but won’t fire. Have someone else try to start the car and listen to see if the fuel pump engages when the key is turned.

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