How to Fix Your BMW’s Lifter Ticking Issues From the Best in Bellingham

Posted on May 4, 2019 by Carson Wileman

BMW models have been some of the most top-rated vehicles in the automobile industry for decades now. This is because of the quality of engineering that goes into the design and manufacture of these vehicles, which ensures that owners get exemplary performance, near perfect comfort, and safety all at a premium price. This price is partly the reason why many BMW owners never anticipate that their vehicles will develop certain problems, especially if they are regularly serviced.

Unfortunately, despite all the high-tech engineering that goes into them, BMWs are not immune to developing issues, though it certainly happens at a lesser rate than many other models. Over time, just like with other vehicle models, BMWs develop problems that are mostly related to the wear and deterioration of different parts. One common problem that BMW owners have had to deal with is lifter ticking.

How it Happens

The ticking noise comes from the lifter, a small cylinder that is normally located at the end of the rocket arm in the engine where it meets the valve. The lifter is commonly referred to as the hydraulic valve lifter, and its main purpose in the engine is to keep it quiet as it runs. In addition, the hydraulic valve lifter also helps to improve the longevity and output of the vehicle in terms of performance.

When this lifter develops certain faults, it becomes almost impossible to keep it quiet. That of course defeats its whole purpose, which is to keep the engine quiet. If anything, a lifter ticking problem is way more unnerving than the actual engine noise and can even cause unnecessary anxiety while driving. Needless to say, this puts a damper on the perfect driving experience that BMW models are renowned for.

Causes of Lifter Ticking Issues

The most common cause of lifter ticking issues is regular wear that affects older vehicles more than their much newer counterparts. These older cars generally have accumulated lots of mileage. If proper servicing is not adhered to as the car ages,  then lifter ticking issues become inevitable. Accumulation of dust and mud in the engine can also lead to the development of lifter ticking issues, as can general wear and tear of parts.

While lifter ticking noises are sometimes really low and easy to miss, they can become annoying over time, creating the need for a solution to be sought. These lifter ticking issues are usually characterized by ticking noises coming from the engine of the car. These noises can often be heard when starting the car, after which they go away after a few moments and may come to a stop once the engine is running fully. In other cases, the noise can be incessant and extremely annoying.

Other than being utterly annoying, lifter ticking issues can point to larger problems in your BMW, or worse still, can cause further problems in the engine of the BMW.

How to Fix It

Fixing the hydraulic lifter ticking noise in your BMW may only be possible through replacement of the faulty part. While this may not necessarily be difficult to do, BMW Lifter Ticking Issue Fix there are precautions that have to be taken within the process that can make it quite complicated. This is where your local mechanic should come in.

A certified auto technician will easily be able to look into your BMW and diagnose the problem correctly before offering solutions; normally replacement. Moreover, the replacement process of this component is something that only a mechanic that is familiar with the BMW brand will be able to do correctly. Having an experienced technician look into the lifter ticking problem and using genuine manufacturer parts will save you the trouble of spending more time and money replacing substandard parts which will likely be incompatible with the BMW standard.

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