How to Deal With Transmission Leaks in Your Mercedes in Bellingham

Posted on December 21, 2019 by Carson Wileman
Mercedes Transmission Leak

Mercedes offers precision engineering with high-quality parts and sleek design features. This makes them popular around the globe with many drivers returning to the manufacturer time after time. However, no car is perfect, and many manufacturers have their own issues that seem to be synonymous with the cars that they produce. One such issue for Mercedes is transmission problems. A failing transmission can ruin the driving experience that Mercedes is so well known for, as well as make your car a hazard. Therefore, in this article, we’ll be exploring how you should deal with Mercedes transmission leaks should they happen to you.

What is the transmission and what does it do?

The transmission is a system that works closely with the clutch and gearbox and is responsible for transferring engine power to the front or rear wheels of your car. Your transmission uses pressurized fluid known as transmission fluid to do this. Within the transmission system are gears which allow for different wheel speeds and torque.

Causes of Transmission Leaks

As the transmission system involves the use of pressurized liquid to work, it needs various fluid lines, seals, pumps, and valves to successfully contain and pressurize the liquid. All of these parts have to remain watertight to achieve the right pressure and of course, to prevent leaks. Therefore, should any of these parts fail, it’s highly likely that a transmission fluid leak is just around the corner. The main reason why leaks occur is due to poor maintenance standards or simply time and wear. They can also occur because of damage such as debris from the road, rough driving, or accidents.

Understanding your Car’s Fluids

Spots of fluid under the car is a clear sign that you have a leak, but what is leaking? Your Mercedes is packed with different fluids such as coolant, engine oil, brake fluid, and more. The handy guide below will help you figure out whether or not you’re facing a transmission leak.

  • Transmission Fluid is typically pink or red and has a slippery texture.
  • Antifreeze/Coolant is typically green or orange and smells sweet.
  • Power Steering Fluid is typically clear or transparent.
  • Engine Oil is typically dark brown or yellow with a slippery texture.

Other Symptoms of Transmission Leaks

Any of the below symptoms will likely indicate a transmission leak somewhere within the system, even if leaking fluid isn’t visible externally.

1. Overheating Transmission

Apart from your engine, your Mercedes’ transmission is probably the hottest part of your car. Gear changes take a lot of energy, and therefore release a lot of heat. The transmission fluid helps to cool the system down. So it goes without saying that if the fluid is running low, overheating is more likely.

2. Gear Shifting Issues

This symptoms is pretty simple, as the transmission’s chief purpose is to change gears. If it has developed a problem, such as a leak, shifting gears will become more difficult and certainly won’t occur smoothly as it should.

3. Sluggish Acceleration

On a similar note to the second point, if the transmission is struggling, so will your car’s acceleration. This is because the transmission is what gives power to the wheels. Therefore, if the transmission is underperforming, acceleration is likely to feel sluggish and slow.

How to Deal with the Problem

Once you’re sure you have a transmission leak on your hands, the next thing you need to do is not delay in seeking repairs. You should take your Mercedes to a specialist mechanic for repair work as soon as possible before more severe problems or further damage occurs, as these will likely cost you more and take longer to repair. It is also worth emphasising that a poorly-performing transmission is a safety hazard and can exponentially increase your risk of an accident due to the unpredictable driving experience it creates. This can serve as an unneeded distraction.

Mercedes Transmission Oil Filling

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