How to Deal With a Failing Oil Pressure Switch in a Mercedes

Posted on February 17, 2022 by Carson Wileman
Illuminated Mercedes Oil Lamp

Mercedes is a luxury automotive manufacturer responsible for producing high-quality models with luxurious features. While these vehicles are made with durable parts, they may develop issues with the oil pressure switch, which is an important part of your Mercedes.

It is important to detect any issues with this part as soon as possible which is why we have put together a comprehensive guide of how to deal with a failing oil pressure switch in Mercedes.

What is an oil pressure switch?

The oil pressure switch holds an extremely important role in the functionality of your Mercedes. It is responsible for turning on and off the warning lamp on the dashboard that monitors the level of the engine oil.

The location of this intricate part is solely depending on how the engine itself was engineered. It is typically located within the cylinder block, the oil filter housing, or inside the engine head itself.

All Mercedes models are designed and manufactured with an Engine Control Unit (ECU) that is responsible for monitoring various systems of your vehicle and detecting any problems that may occur such as a failing oil pressure switch. The oil pressure must fall to extremely critical levels in order for the ECU to alert the driver to a problem.

Why is it dangerous if the oil pressure switch fails?

The oil pressure switch plays a vital role in monitoring engine oil levels in your Mercedes. Without the appropriate level of engine oil, your engine is left to suffer from an increase in friction from the various parts working together without proper lubrication as well as an increase in engine temperatures as the engine oil is unable to properly keep the engine at a cool, optimal temperature.

When the oil pressure switch fails, it is no longer able to monitor the cleanliness of the oil or the level of engine oil in the reservoir tank resulting in an increased risk of severe engine damage.

Commonly-Reported Warning Signs of an Oil Pressure Switch Failure

Through countless hours of research, we have found the most commonly reported warning signs associated with oil pressure switch failure among Mercedes drivers. Of these, the most common signs include:

  • An illuminated oil lamp: The engine control unit is responsible for continually monitoring the functionality of the engine and the various parts that work together to make the engine perform at its best. When the ECU detects a problem, like a failing oil pressure switch, it will cause the oil lamp on the dashboard to become illuminated to alert the driver that a problem needs to be addressed.
  • Inaccurate oil readings: The oil pressure switch is responsible for maintaining accurate oil level readings to keep drivers aware should the level fall below the necessary level. When the oil pressure switch begins failing, it will often give off inaccurate readings by illuminating the oil lamp dashboard warning light even though the oil level is within a normal range, or not alerting the driver to low oil levels although there is less than the minimal amount of engine oil needed in the oil reservoir.

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