How the Transmission in Your Mercedes is Impacted by a Bad Clutch System

Posted on January 31, 2021 by Carson Wileman
Mercedes Bad Clutch System

Your transmission ensures that the correct amount of energy reaches your wheels for a desired speed. This allows for the smooth acceleration you have come to expect from a Mercedes. A faulty transmission can undermine your fuel economy or even render your car unusable.

Problems with your clutch can harm your transmission, so you should check for the problems listed below so we can address them ASAP.

Worn Clutches

Your clutch system, which includes a complex array of parts, may be worn down. Clutch systems are designed to last for a long time, but certain parts may degrade relatively quickly, especially if you have driven your car in particularly harsh conditions. This can lead to an overly high-revving engine.

A Dragging Clutch

Problems with a part called the clutch disc can create clutch drag. Clutch drag will likely have several observable impacts on your transmission. You might notice abrupt starts, where your car unexpectedly moves.

You might also experience harsh gear shifts, especially when shifting into a high RPM. We want your Mercedes to accelerate quickly but effortlessly when turning onto a high-traffic road or merging onto a freeway. A dragging clutch will make this feel clunky and cumbersome, which is something we all want to avoid.

Loose Clutch Pedal

For stick-shift aficionados, this can be especially problematic. Transmission fluid may leak from your master cylinder. This can damage your slave cylinder, where the clutch disengages. This is yet another problem that may hinder your silky-smooth gear transitions in your Mercedes. This may also make it difficult to control and steer your car. This not only makes driving less exciting, but makes it really dangerous.

Diagnosing These Problems

Though a trained mechanic is much more likely to be able to tell for sure, you can at least gain some idea of what might be wrong with your transmission. Of course, knowing is not enough; if your Mercedes exhibits symptoms of serious clutch problems, you should take your car to a professional, who can fix the problem and keep your transmission safe.

If your Clutch is Worn

Your clutch might be dangerously worn down if you have to apply extra pressure in order to shift gears, something you will surely notice, as your Mercedes should be able to shift from low to high gear in the blink of an eye.

Additionally, you might hear an unpleasant grinding sound when pressing the clutch. If the sounds coming from your engine are alarming, your instincts are likely correct. It is time to go get your Mercedes checked out.

If your Clutch is Dragging

Ordinarily, the symptoms of a dragging clutch are similar to those of clutch and transmission problems more generally. Your Mercedes may start hard and move with a jolt, and you may experience hard gear shifts, especially with gear clashing.

If you drive a stick shift, you are in luck, as there is a fairly simple way to diagnose this issue. We just ask that you make sure the area immediately surrounding the car is clear, just in case the car shifts forward or backward during this test:

Put the car in neutral and start the car. Fully depress the clutch pedal. With the pedal still fully depressed, put your car in first gear. Shift back to neutral. Wait a few seconds for the transmission to fully stop. Shift the car into reverse, but make sure not to force the shift lever! If the gears audibly clash, you have a dragging clutch and you should make sure to get this problem fixed.

If You Have a Loose Clutch Pedal

Spotting this problem is rather intuitive. If you engage the clutch and it feels loose, or if you encounter little resistance, your clutch pedal is likely loose. You will need an experienced Mercedes expert to help you tighten it to its designed specs.

Keith Cox Autobahn for Your Mercedes Needs

Given the seriousness of transmission problems, we do not recommend you try to take care of it yourself. The same is true Mercedes Clutch Servicing if you see other indicators of transmission problems, such as fluid leaks and an unusual burning smell.

If you live in Northwestern Washington or even just across the Canadian border, bring your Mercedes to Keith Cox Autobahn in Bellingham, WA. We provide excellent service, and you can rely on us to make sure your transmission is in its best condition for your driving pleasure. If you come in as soon as you experience something odd with your Mercedes, this will allow us to fix the problem easily, before significant damage occurs. Contact us today to set up a convenient appointment.

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