Factors that Lead to Oil Sludge Build-up in a Volkswagen

Posted on December 4, 2019 by Carson Wileman
Volkswagen Oil Sludge Buildup

Oil sludge: Even the words sound nasty when you say them. The condition itself is no better, as oil sludge literally clogs up your car and suffocates your engine. The longer sludge is allowed to build up, the worse it gets, forming a thick coating which can take hours upon hours of work to rectify.

However, with the right maintenance strategies, oil sludge is completely avoidable and is something many drivers will never even have to worry about. With this in mind, in this article, we will look at the leading factors of oil sludge buildup in your Volkswagen, which should help prevent you from every having to suffer the dire consequences.

What is oil sludge and how does it impact a car’s performance?

Also referred to as engine sludge, oil sludge is a buildup of deposits, sediments, and all-round nasty gunk caused by both the deterioration of engine oil and the general buildup of contaminants. This disgusting mixture loves to settle around your engine. It particularly likes the moving parts of the system.

The biggest impact of oil sludge buildup on your engine is the under-lubrication of its moving parts. This is because the sludge blocks fresh engine oil from coating the engine entirely, meaning that some parts will become dry, resulting in parts becoming stiff and seizing up. The sludge itself can set hard around moving parts too, restricting their movement entirely. Overall, oil sludge buildup cripples engine function and dramatically increases the risk of engine failure.

How to Prevent Oil Sludge Buildup

Preventing oil sludge buildup is pretty straightforward and revolves around keeping on top of maintenance practices. By following the advice listed below, you can help ensure you never have to deal with this issue.

Only use Quality Engine Oil

We all like to save a buck now and then, but when it comes to the engine oil you use, you should always choose quality over price. Cheap oil is never a good choice, and is actually more expensive in the long run, as it tends to expire much faster. Cheaper oil also often lacks the correct conditioners needed to properly look after your engine.

Keep on Top of Oil Changes

When your oil gets old, it will quickly start to break down, leaving behind the deposits which will begin to turn into oil sludge. Therefore, if you wish to avoid this problem, it is essential that you keep up to date with oil changes and listen to the advice of your mechanic.

Clogged Oil Filter

The oil filter is your VW’s number one defense against oil sludge buildup. Its sole purpose is to catch any contaminants or deposits before they are able to enter the engine system, which in turn prevents them from forming sludge. However, if this part becomes faulty, either damaged or covered with sludge itself, then it will not be able to complete this essential task. Therefore, you should ensure your oil filter is serviced regularly and replaced as soon as it starts to fail.

Sludge Removers

This solution can be seen as quite a contentious issue with some drivers and mechanics unable to live with them and others unable to live without them. Sludge removers are easily purchased from most auto shops as well as online. They are a DIY-solution to minor sludge buildup.

However, some mechanics believe sludge removers are entirely ineffective; others highly recommend them. So it is important, when using this product, that you don’t expect a miracle cure. Also, pay attention to how your vehicle operates post-use to ensure your problem has been fixed.

Volkswagen Oil Change

Oil Sludge Remediation from Keith Cox Autobahn

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