Expert Replacement of the Ignition Module of Your BMW in Bellingham

Posted on May 12, 2021 by Carson Wileman
BMW Ignition Issue

The ignition module, also known as the ignition control module, of your BMW is quite an important part of your vehicle. If ignition module goes bad, you will be left stranded with a vehicle that does not start.

When you put your key into the ignition and turn it on, it sends a signal to the ignition module to send a spark for the engine to start. When this part of your vehicle functions improperly, it can lead to your vehicle not starting on the first try, an engine misfire, or your engine may not start at all.


Overheating is a common sign of ignition module failure in BMW. When this part overheats, it will inevitably stop functioning altogether. Before this happens, overheating can cause many problems including engine stuttering, low gas mileage, power loss, and electrical shorts to name a few. If you fail to seek help from a professional technician for overheating, it can cause significant damage to the seals and gaskets, cylinder head, or even the end of your engine completely.

The seals and gaskets are manufactured to withstand normal heat from the engine. When exposed to excessive heat for too long, it can cause the seals to melt, dry out, or crack. The prolonged increased heat can also cause the head gasket to crack, which can lead to water getting into the engine causing further, more expensive damage.

Sudden Failure

If your vehicle unexpectedly stalls and will not start again, it is likely caused by loose or corroded electrical connections within the ignition module. This is a significant sign that your BMW needs immediate repair from a certified technician. If you find yourself stranded due to the sudden failure of your vehicle, you will need to contact a towing company to have your vehicle transported to your trusted auto repair shop for diagnosis.

How to Avoid Ignition Module Failure

While the need to replace parts on your vehicle is inevitable, you can prolong the life of your components by doing a few simple things. Regular maintenance can help ensure the life of your ignition module.

Maintain regular oil changes and routinely have the spark plugs and battery checked. A malfunctioning battery can lead to the ignition module overheating, which can lead to major complications if it is not quickly taken care of.

Keith Cox Autobahn

At Keith Cox Autobahn, our maintenance and repair specialty is with German-made vehicles. We are conveniently located in Bellingham, WA, and proudly serve the local community.

While many auto repair shops claim to be the best, there are several key factors that set us apart from our competition. We offer a free Car Wash service to and from our repair shop while we are working on your vehicle. If your vehicle requires major work, we proudly offer a free loaner car when available.

Another key component that sets us apart from our competition is our warranty policy. The standard warranty policy for most BMW Ignition Coil Replacement repair shops offers a year’s guarantee. At Keith Cox Autobahn, we offer a warranty 3 times that of our competitors. Our standard warranty is set at 36 months or 36,000 miles.

We pride ourselves in our work which is why we happily provide an extended warranty, though we do not foresee you needing to use it.

Our ASE certified mechanics offer many routine and repair services including AC servicing, routine oil change, brake repair, and engine and transmission service. We offer convenient appointment booking whether you would like to call the office or request your appointment reservation on our website. All you will need to do is provide your information, vehicle information, what service is needed, and your requested date and time.

Our shuttle service is also ready and waiting to offer you a ride where you may need to go after dropping off your vehicle. You are also welcome to utilize our safe and comfortable waiting area.

We know waiting at the repair shop can be inconvenient for many which is why we offer a comfortable workspace, complimentary coffee, and free wifi.

We look forward to assisting you in your repair needs for your German engineered vehicle. Call us today.

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