Be Aware of Oil Cooler Gasket Issues that Can Arise in Your Volkswagen

Posted on September 8, 2020 by Carson Wileman
Volkswagen Oil Leak

A common issue we see with Volkswagens is oil sludge buildup. To keep your car running smoothly it is important that you stay current on regular maintenance. One of the items your trusted mechanic will inspect is your oil cooler gasket. Let’s take a closer look.

Your Volkswagen is made up of many different components that work together. The oil cooler gasket is a component in the oil coolant system. Its purpose is to keep oil inside so it can cool the engine. Your engine must be kept at an optimal temperature or it will overheat. If extreme heat is not controlled, your engine can be damaged to the point of complete engine failure.

Signs of an Oil Cooler Gasket Issue

Some of the common symptoms of oil cooler gasket failure include:

Oil Leak

When the oil cooler gasket fails, it is unable to keep oil in. If you notice any type of fluid leak, have it checked out right away. Continuing to drive your Volkswagen with an improper fluid level can lead to component failures and complete engine failure.

Overheating Engine

Oil is circulated through your engine keeping it cool. If there is a leak, the engine will not be getting the proper amount of oil. An overheating engine can be permanently damaged.

Contaminated Oil

When an oil cooler gasket fails coolant and/or water can enter into the oil causing contamination.

Decreased Engine Performance

A damaged oil cooler gasket can result in decreased engine performance. You may begin to notice poor acceleration and a lower top speed.

Black Smoke

You may notice black smoke coming from the exhaust. This is caused by oil leaking into the combustion chamber. The smoke will be thick and black. Do not inhale this as it is poisonous. If you experience black smoke emanating from your Volkswagen, do not drive your car. You can permanently damage the engine.


A damaged oil cooler gasket can lead to engine vibrations. These vibrations can cause additional damage to other components.

Expanded Radiator

The radiator can become stressed, leading to swelling. Do not continue driving your car with an expanded radiator. The fins can burst and blow out the front of the radiator. Needless to say, this is extremely dangerous.

Engine Temperature Changes

If the oil cooler gasket is damaged, it can lead to fluctuations in the engine’s temperature.

Common Reasons Why Oil Cooler Gaskets Fail

Oil cooler gasket failure is not uncommon. However, they are designed to last a lifetime. There are a few common issues that can lead to failure such as everyday wear and tear. Over time the gasket can fail due to age and everyday use.

Defective components can come into play. Oil cooler gaskets can be defective directly from the factory.

Loose seals can cause leaks. When the seal becomes loose, it can allow oil to escape and drip into areas where it can cause corrosion and other problems.

Preventing Oil Coolant Gasket Failure

Once the gasket has failed, it needs to be replaced. You can help to prevent the failure by staying current on your scheduled maintenance. Adhering to the maintenance schedule will allow our mechanics to find any issues before they become major problems.

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Service You Can Count On

Ignoring symptoms of an oil gasket failure Volkswagen Oil Cooler Gasket Issue Checkcan result in permanent engine damage and a broken radiator. These are costly repairs that can be avoided.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of oil cooler gasket failure, act promptly to get the issue fixed. At Keith Cox Autobahn, you can count on us to get your gasket replaced and your Volkswagen back on the road.

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