When to Replace the Spark Plug in Your Mini

Posted on August 16, 2021 by Carson Wileman
MINI Spark Plug

Spark plugs are small, but without them, your Mini will not function. Cars that use gasoline all require a spark plug in order to get the engine to fire in the combustion process. Without them, it will be impossible to start your car.

If your spark plugs start to go bad, your Mini will require multiple efforts to fire up the engine. If it should misfire even once, it’s a good idea to get your car checked out by a professional since this means there’s something off with your engine.

It’s never a good feeling to go to your car and not know if today is the day that it finally doesn’t start. Don’t let your spark plug problems progress any further than a misfire, as you risk being stranded in a parking lot with a no-start condition.

Spark Plug Issues

Your spark plugs are connected by wires to the alternator. They transfer the electricity necessary to start your car. This electrical activity is what gets the piston moving and creates the motion necessary to get the car moving. Without this process, the alternator does not generate electricity, the piston doesn’t move, and the car won’t start. The main risk that you run is being stranded somewhere without the ability to start your car.

Another risk you run with a faulty spark plug is that your car will vibrate excessively and give off a nasty smell while in an idle position with the engine running. Though this may not sound like much it can be quite embarrassing to have a beautiful vehicle like a Mini but it sounds like a tin can due to a bad spark plug. No one wants to have a flashy car but be afraid to take it out in public due to loud noises and a bad exhaust smell.

How to Spot a Faulty Spark Plug

The good news is that spark plugs are long lasting and resilient with a lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 miles or even more. They are also inexpensive to fix compared to most other car parts. It’s important to know what signals to look for when it comes to faulty spark plugs.

  • Check engine light: The number one thing to look for with all engine problems, including spark plug issues, is the check engine light on your dashboard. Take notice anytime this light activates and heed its warning.
  • Poor gas mileage: The reason you will have poor gas mileage with spark plug problems is because the plug plays a role in the combustion of fuel and air within the engine. If the spark plug is experiencing issues, the mixing of fuel and air will be thrown off, resulting in using more gas and more money spent at the gas station.
  • Running rough: We’ve all heard the expression of something not running on all cylinders, and this is what happens when a spark plug is misfiring. Your car will experience vibrations and rattling noises when the plugs are not operating properly.
  • Nasty exhaust smell: When your engine is misfiring or not firing on all cylinders, your car will give off a nasty exhaust smell. This is because the fuel is not properly mixing with the air, allowing raw fuel to enter the exhaust system. This results in a smell of burning fuel and poor gas mileage.

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