Common BMW Electronics Issues

Posted on June 5, 2020 by Carson Wileman
BMW Ignition System Issue

Your BMW relies upon a variety of electronic systems to operate efficiently and safely. Without these working properly, your car can become a hazard and a pain to drive. When left unchecked, electronic problems can also become more severe and more expensive to remedy. As the parts of electronic systems are delicate, they can also break suddenly and without warning, leaving you in need of repairs fast.

Listed below are some of the most common electrical issues that the BMW drivers we help come to us with.

1. Dead Battery

The most common cause of a dead battery is driver error. We’ve all been there. You come home from work tired and trudge into your house for much-needed rest, accidentally leaving the car lights on, only to find when you go to start your car the next morning, your battery is dead. An old battery can also cause similar issues and can be temporarily fixed with a jumpstart before needing replacement. A quality BMW battery should last you about 4 years.

2. Low Power

While low power output can be caused by a faulty battery, it isn’t always the case. When your battery has been exposed to the elements, such as moisture or road debris, it can cause the terminals and cord connectors to become corroded. This results in a connection that is inconsistent and unreliable and leads to power loss. Turning your key in the assembly only to hear a clicking noise can also signal this type of battery problem. You can try cleaning up the terminals yourself, but if that doesn’t fix things, you’ll likely need a new battery.

3. Ignition Issues

Steering issues will occur if your key refuses to turn in the ignition. You can attempt to resolve things by turning your wheel before you turn the key to try to free things up, but to avoid the cost of repair, don’t force the key, as it could snap off in the lock. Ignition issues could be due to problems with your BMW’s onboard computer, especially if the steering lock symbol lights up on your dashboard. Electronic problems impeding the ignition of your car need to be addressed swiftly, as they will only get worse until they reach the point where you can’t start your BMW at all.

4. Alternator Problems

If you notice electronic power fluctuations when you are driving, such as dim headlights or problems with the heating or cooling system of your BMW, then your alternator might have developed some problems that need to be remedied. The alternator is likely defective and is preventing the battery from charging correctly.

5. Damaged Cables

Oftentimes, we focus so much on the parts that may be faulty that we forget to think about what connects them. Afterall, even a perfectly working battery will appear faulty if the power it is attempting to send out is blocked by bad wiring. Broken cables can be caused by many factors and shouldn’t be overlooked if more obvious culprits have been ruled out.

6. Fuse Failure

While inconvenient, fuses are designed to blow to protect you from far worse electrical issues. Checking fuses should be your first move when faced with electrical issues. Work through each fuse in the fuse box systematically and replace those that seem faulty or blown.

7. Damaged Alternator Belt

The alternator belt manages the power output in your BMW and helps the battery to keep its charge. When the belt becomes damaged, it won’t be able to perform its job correctly, which will result in poor power regulation and lack of battery charge.

8. Issues with the Ignition System

The ignition switch is what gives your car the kick it needs to start. When the switch isn’t working properly, don’t try to start your engine repeatedly, as you’ll only end up flooding your engine and adding a new problem to your list. You can tell if your switch is broken because the click you hear when turning your key won’t be present.

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