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Posted on January 31, 2022 by Carson Wileman
BMW Engine Misfire

BMW is foremost in most people’s minds when it comes to innovative and revolutionary engineering that makes its cars desirable. One of such intelligent systems is the VANOS system created in the 1990s. It brought a new era to the world of driving. However, it is a part that is not talked about often, despite its importance. Below, we’ll explore the BMW’s VANOS system, when and why it may need repairs, and how best to care for it.

What is the VANOS system?

It’s the variable lift and timing system for BMWs. It was developed to enable BMW vehicles to variably adjust the timing of the valves by repositioning the camshaft in line with your drive gear, which automatically translates into improved performance and range.

This system is a particularly important part of all BMW’s engine computers. In simple terms, it works hand in hand with your camshaft and exhaust valve to allow your vehicle to run extra smoothly. It may not seem very important but when the VANOS system is not functioning properly, it affects the overall performance of your BMW.

There are three different types of VANOS systems and each of them operates differently and is featured in different BMW models.

Signs Your VANOS System is Failing

The most obvious sign of problems with your VANOS system is a general decline in the performance of the engine and less smoothness in driving. However, other signs to expect include:

  • Loss of Power and Torque: The VANOS system’s main task is to increase the power output and torque that the engine produces. This will be greatly reduced if the VANOS system malfunctions.
  • Hesitation at Low Speeds: If there’s a problem with the VANOS system, you might notice the engine hesitating at low speeds, because the engine’s timing is no longer being regulated properly.
  • Cold Start Problems: Normally in cold weather, you may experience difficulty starting a car. This may become even more challenging with a defective VANOS system. Similarly, your car may stall a lot more than usual, and the engine will generally be uncooperative.
  • Limp Engine After Accelerating: The VANOS system’s timing function helps reduce the strain that acceleration and deceleration put on the engine, making both smoother and easier. Without the VANOS system, you may notice a sharp drop in power after accelerating, and then the engine feels a little limp.

Some other warning signs that you may observe are lower fuel economy, engine misfiring, and your car’s check engine light may turn on.

Reasons Why Your VANOS System Needs Repairs

The VANOS system, like some other essential parts of the vehicle, is vulnerable to wear and tear from driving, and it can malfunction because of this.

Another issue that the VANOS system has is that the piston seals wear out easily. The piston seals, which are not made with materials that can particularly withstand the high heat and stress under the engine, fail after being exposed to constant expansion and contraction.

Also, a clogged solenoid may cause your VANOS system to malfunction. This component pushes oil into the system and like all oil-powered vehicle components, solenoids can become dirty and clogged after a while. A build-up can cause the solenoids to fail to render the VANOS system useless.

You can imbibe some habits to help elongate the lifespan of your VANOS system. It relies heavily on high levels of oil pressure. Change your vehicle’s engine oil every 5000 miles or thereabout and make sure you use only clean, synthetic oil.

However, when it comes to the VANOS system, fixing the problem can be a little difficult. It requires someone who is well experienced with BMW vehicles and has superb automotive skills. Therefore, once you notice a deficit in performance, it’s imperative to have your BMW checked out immediately.

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