Do Electronic Issues in your BMW Affect the Functions of the Battery?

Posted on April 25, 2021 by Carson Wileman
BMW Low Battery Warning

BMWs are appealing for their power, performance, and sleek appearance. A common problem among BMW models is electronic issues. Newer models have an increasingly large number of electrical parts. While most electronic issues in a BMW are easily fixed, if not serviced correctly, the problem can reoccur.

Electronic issues usually indicate there is an issue in the vehicle’s electrical system which could affect your vehicle’s battery as well. It is important to notice any signs that your vehicle is having electronic issues, so you can take it to a qualified mechanic and have the issue diagnosed and serviced immediately.

Signs Your BMW is Having Electronic Issues

Most of the signs your vehicle is having electronic issues are considered bothersome, but some signs can be unsafe and have a pronounced effect on your driving abilities, especially under certain driving conditions. While all the signs are caused by the vehicle’s electronic system, the signs can be isolated or occur all at once.

If your vehicle is experiencing any of the following signs of an electronic issue, please get it checked out immediately before other issues occur:

  • door lock failure
  • window regulator failure (responsible for moving the window up and down)
  • seat positioner malfunctioning or failure
  • windshield wiper malfunction
  • turn signal failure
  • stereo malfunction
  • bluetooth connectivity malfunction

Causes for Your BMW Electronic Issues

There are two primary problems that could be causing your vehicle’s electronic issues:

  • Faulty Fuses: Fuses in the fuse box control different electrical functions within the vehicle. In older BMW models, the fuse box is located in the trunk. However, in newer BMW models, the fuse box can be found in the glove compartment.
  • Malfunctioning or Faulty Wiring: Some of the reasons the wiring in your vehicle is malfunctioning could be water damage, excessive heat exposure, and normal wear over time. Some older BMW models had their drainage systems improperly placed within the vehicle, causing water damage to the electrical system.
  • Malfunctioning or Faulty Alternator: The alternator powers the vehicle’s electrical system, including the electronics, when the vehicle is in operation. If it is malfunctioning, it can affect the electrical current that is powering the vehicle’s electronics.

How Your BMW’s Electronic Issues May Affect the Battery

A vehicle battery’s primary purpose is to send the initial electrical current that feeds the vehicle’s starter and turns on the engine. Once the engine starts, the alternator takes over and powers the vehicle’s electrical systems, as well as the battery. When electronic issues occur, there could be an issue with the vehicle’s electrical system which powers the electronics.

Faulty fuses and wiring can drain a car’s battery. In some cases, they can cause an electrical glitch that could cause an electronic device to stay active and remain on after the ignition is turned off. This will pull power from the battery the entire time the vehicle is inactive, effectively draining the battery. Regular stress like this on the battery, will wear the vehicle’s battery out and lead to you needing a replacement more quickly.

If the electronic issues are due to a bad alternator, then the vehicle’s battery will not only be used as a source of power while the vehicle is being operated, but the battery will not get charged. This will drain the battery as well and affect its ability to hold a charge, wearing it out quickly until it needs to be replaced.

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It is recommended that you have your BMW serviced and taken in for regular maintenance so any issues, electronic or not, BMW Alternator Repair may be diagnosed before it affects your BMW’s overall health and performance. BMWs are unique vehicles, so it is important to find qualified mechanics for any maintenance that you may need.

Keith Cox Autobahn has qualified automotive technicians experienced in servicing Audi, BMW, Mercedes, MINI, and VW. We are experts with any issues these brands may experience.

Keith Cox Autobahn serves the Anacortes, Blaine, Ferndale, Lynden, and Bellingham, WA area. If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned signs of electronic issues or other vehicular problems, please contact Keith Cox Autobahn immediately to have the issue diagnosed and fixed.

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